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Writers helping each other in writing their queries
You've written that novel. Workshopped it, edited it to within an inch of its life.

Now you need to sell it.

For that, you need a query letter, which contains that dreadful thing called a 'hook paragraph'.

It's only 2-300 words, right? Describe your beautiful novel in 250 words? Bwahaha! That should be easy.

Except it's not.

You sweat over the words, edit, scratch out, rewrite and after an entire day, you have your paragraph.

Except it makes no sense to anyone except yourself!


Post it here, even it's just an idea and not yet written. We are a bunch of fellow writers who have been through the same process or are about to do so. We are a bunch of readers, of sharp, 'eagle' eyes, and we will suggest how you can make your query clearer and better. Agents are welcome to join, of course, as are non-writers. In fact anyone who is a reader can join. One does not need special qualifications to answer simple questions about a query hook:

1. Can I understand what the book is about?
2. Does it sound interesting?

Some rules:

1. Fiction only. We are an offshoot of SF-OWW, but there is no limit on genre within fiction.
2. Be polite. I will delete users who are rude and denigrating to others.
3. No offensive language.

Simple, right?